What is Vermeil?

Gold Vermeil jewelry is becoming a popular option for consumers who want to own jewelry that is constructed entirely of precious metals. Gold Vermeil, or simply Vermeil, is jewelry that is produced using .925 pure silver and then coated with real gold. The word Vermeil is French and is pronounced ver-may. You may also hear it referred to as “silver-gilt” or “gilded silver”. These terms are interchangeable, but Vermeil is used most frequently.

Vermeil jewelry is constructed by first creating a mold, filling it with .925 silver, and then, through a process known as electrolysis, bonding pure gold to the surface of the silver. The finished item will appear to be pure gold as the entire surface of the silver will be covered. In order for the item to be considered Vermeil under United States regulations, the quality of the gold must be a minimum of 10K which implies 41.6% gold while the thickness can be no less than 2.5 microns (GLD utilizes 3 microns of gold coating). Moreover, the jewelry must be stamped .925 which indicates externally that the underlying material is pure silver. At GLD, we guarantee that our jewelry is, in fact, vermeil and meets or exceeds the USA standards. One of our most popular products showcasing this is our Vermeil Micro Cuban Chain.

Vermeil is an excellent option for people that are sometimes allergic to metals since it contains no nickel and is tolerated very well by nearly everyone. You will also find the Vermeil jewelry is very durable and ages well over time. At GLD, we recommend our customers upgrade to vermeil if it is within their budget since the item is constructed from all precious materials and enjoys the aforementioned attributes. Check out some of our certified Vermeil pieces.

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